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Brass people

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Brass basics:

NAME: Danielle Gourlay

JOB TITLE: PR Account Manager

TIME AT BRASS: Seven months

Brass detail:

BEST PROJECT EVER: Running a fashion press event in London and having to model at the last minute.

SCARIEST MOMENT: Giving a social media strategy presentation to 40 rowdy men, one of whom asked: ‘What’s this Facebook thing my wife’s always on?’

I LOVE MY JOB BECAUSE: It’s diverse, it involves meeting new people all the time and allows me to be creative.

WHAT DOES THE FUTURE OF YOUR INDUSTRY LOOK LIKE? More companies will implement a reputation management strategy for their online footprint, for consumer reviews through to social media, to protect themselves and leverage positive shareable content. Also, traditional and online PR will continue to merge with other marketing disciplines and the focus on content marketing will keep growing.

Brass randoms:

WHEN I WAS LITTLE I WANTED TO BE: A Blue Peter presenter.



FAVOURITE ENTERTAINMENT: Beyonce, Moulin Rouge, Sex and the City, Kanye West.

IF I WASN’T DOING THIS I’D BE: Working as a runner in a TV studio somewhere.

BEST TV AD OF ALL TIME AND WHY? I always found the John Smith’s adverts featuring Peter Kay really funny.

YOU’LL BE SURPRISED TO KNOW: I’m a black belt in karate and broke my 45-year-old male trainer’s nose when I was 11!