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Brass wins prestigious industry award

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“To be part of something so historic, so totally Yorkshire, was a fantastic experience. Winning an award for it was the icing on the cake”, says Group Account Director Phil Stott.

He’s talking about Le Tour de France, that little-known cycling race which came to Brass’s home region for its Grand Départ in the summer, to virtually no fanfare and hardly any press coverage at all.
(We’re joking, of course – you could hardly have made more of a song and dance about things if you were the unfortunate love-child of Darcey Bussell, Fred Astaire and Beyonce.)

Brass was responsible for shaking its booty at all online media activity for established client and official supporter, Yorkshire Building Society (YBS), taking care of everything from planning and buying to managing and measuring.

The agency’s perfectly choreographed performance won it a prestigious award in the ‘advertising’ category at last year’s highly regarded The Digitals.

But it wasn’t all in the name of champagne and legendary after-parties – there was a bit of hard work involved, too.

Phil and his team executed the YBS sponsorship campaign across hundreds of different banner ads (a staggering 300, to be precise), incorporating different creative themes, formats and sizes.

The campaign’s ‘proud to be an official supporter sponsor and proud to be from Yorkshire’ messaging was also communicated on high-traffic websites like The Times, The Telegraph, Mail Online, ITV and the Yorkshire Evening Post, the latter featuring a homepage takeover and sponsorship of the paper’s microsite.

Understanding the customer journey and mindset was crucial to the process, as it helped us work out what people would respond to best on different platforms

says Phil.

The results for the client have been hugely positive, not only in terms of increased visibility and brand uplift but also awareness and positive sentiment

he adds.

Not that we like to brag, but…

  • Visits to the website ( reached nearly 108,000, which was 718% higher than originally anticipated.
  • There were more than 630,000 interactions with web content, including the Teeny Tiny Rider* game, video views and social shares.
  • Across the Grand Départ weekend alone (5th–7th July), there were more than 90,000 clicks through to the website from various online banner ads.
  • 40,000 clicks on the Daily Mail Mobile App display banner.
  • 18,400 clicks on the Daily Mail Desktop Sports takeover display banner.
  • 15,000 game plays of the Teeny Tiny Rider* on YBS’s website.
  • 9,500 clicks on the ITV pushdown, achieving a 2.37% click-through rate – three times higher than the previous opening Tour de France weekend.
  • 15,000 views of the YBS-branded video, featuring cyclist staff member Adam Duggleby, on the ITV website.