• Brass ranked #3 in the
    RAR top 100 agencies for 2014.

    Multi-Channel Marketing Ideas
  • We believe in the power of ideas.
    Online, offline, no line.

    Multi-Channel Marketing Ideas
  • We’re an agency at the forefront of retail and
    shopper trends. Creating rich experiences that spark
    conversations and inspire action.

    Shopper Marketing Trends
  • We bring brands alive at every touchpoint.
    Crafting image and message to connect
    with your audience.

    Crafting Marketing Messages
  • Cutting-edge? Competitive edge?
    Our digital marketing gives you best of both.

    Cutting-edge Digital Marketing

What we do

Brass helps brands acquire and influence customers in complex and competitive environments.

Today, the revolution in digital and mobile presents new channels and ways to investigate, browse, shop and buy products and services. But how do you get people to connect with your brand in a world where there is so much information and so little time?

At Brass, we find the ways to achieve this engagement, not only using traditional media and promotional techniques but also going way beyond them.

We embrace the entire digital and social media landscape. SEO, PPC, branded content, branded experiences, mobile, eCRM, PR. We use our breadth of experience, analytics and ROI modelling to shape a strategy which will achieve your objectives.

Our multi-disciplinary teams, drawn from branding, advertising, promotional marketing, PR and digital, not only think across different communication channels and platforms but also have the experience to know which strategies and tools will deliver success.

Creative & Branding

Logic? Magic? The most effective marketing and brand communication needs a big helping of both. We blend insight-driven strategy with award-winning creativity to deliver campaigns and content that influence attitudes and actions. Our 20-strong creative team brings a wealth of experience to press, TV, radio and outdoor advertising; online marketing; retail, print and experiential design; and brand identity programmes. We believe in ‘bold simplicity’: simple ideas that cut through and really connect with your audience - whether it’s B2C or B2B.

  • Design
  • Advertising
  • Identity

Shopper Marketing

Working for some of the biggest FMCG names, Brass creates innovative campaigns that engage shoppers to build brand intent, trigger purchase and encourage loyalty. Our strategy is based on a deep understanding of the retailer, category and shopper behaviour, to optimise return on investment. We continually strive to add brand value rather than deploy short term price cuts, turning casual shoppers into committed customers.

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  • Promotional Marketing
  • Experiential
  • Direct marketing

Public Relations

At Brass, we believe in the real value and business benefits of great PR and we love demonstrating a clear return on investment for our clients. Every business needs believable third party endorsement to help it succeed - just telling your customers how good you are through advertising is not enough!

To be successful you need to communicate with your audiences through many different media channels, online and offline. PR is no longer just about a well written press release sent out to your media contacts. It’s about engaging social content, video, blogs, vlogs, user-generated content and actually talking and listening to your customers in the places - real and virtual - that they inhabit

We work closely with our clients to deliver creative, cost effective campaigns and engaging creative content that work across a multitude of different media. We never under-estimate the power of a big idea, or the tenacity that it takes to bring a great idea alive.

Digital & Mobile

We’re an agency grounded in traditional marketing but with digital right at our heart. We know how to make brands visible – and visit-able – online. Whether you want to increase customer engagement and online traffic, create shareable content, run a geo-targeted mobile campaign, or simply have a seamless connection between your online and offline marketing, we have the people, skills and technical capability you need.

  • Strategy and development
  • Apps
  • CRM
  • E-CRM
  • Search marketing
  • Websites
  • email

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Who we are

At Brass, you have access to a hugely experienced team with specialists covering all marketing channels and disciplines.

You’ll find us creative, responsive and refreshingly down-to-earth. If you don’t know us too well, let’s get together.

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