• Creating engaging content and publishing
    via print and digital media.

    Digital Publishing
  • Media-savvy marketing and
    brochure content.

    Brochure Design
  • Project management of outsourced
    marketing services.

    Project Management

What We Do

For over 20 years we’ve been creating, managing and delivering multi-page productions that have added real value, delivered sales and built the reputations of a multitude of businesses. We have focused on generating great content that inspires consumers at every touch point, be it in print or online.

We specialise in the design and management of engaging brochures and websites; each and every one designed to not just inform but to inspire. We go further to ensure that your audience receives the message you want to convey so whether it’s B2B or B2C, we make sure every single page, word and image engages with its audience.

Consumers constantly demand what they want, when they want it and where they want it, and retailers are increasingly under pressure to deliver. Our team see to it that your message is published in the right place at the right time, for ultimate impact. We aim to excite your consumers and encourage them to engage with your product.

Brochure/Catalogue Design

A beautifully designed brochure or a compelling catalogue can help you rise above the competition. That’s why each and every printed page needs to work hard for your business.

60% of people make an online purchase within a week of receiving a brochure or catalogue. – Royal Mail Market Research

And, even in the fast-changing landscape of today, brochures retain their importance. Catalogues still help to keep brands front of mind, drive traffic to websites and footfall to stores. But, for some clients these are becoming smaller, more frequent and targeted, to capture consumer attention.

We can bring a fresh dimension to your brochures and catalogues, from a design, quality or cost perspective.


When it comes to exhibitions, we can help produce anything from a single banner to a fully-customised stand.

We take a strategic approach to all projects, where we make sure to understand your goals. We then use this knowledge to craft a stand that attracts your audience and holds their attention, leaving you to focus on your business.



All of your printed items need to communicate a clear message; a message that helps to increase sales or help raise awareness of your brand. They could be promotions or key sales messages, either way we provide creative solutions and cost-effective print management.



Advertising could be stand-alone or it could drive consumers towards your other collateral (like your website or brochure). But not only should the messaging reinforce your product, it should also reinforce your brand and design plays a big part in this. Our team can help bring your brand to life through effective, impactful creativity and high standards of design and writing, ensuring your advertising represents your brand and values.

We also have our own in-house media team who can help you with planning and booking your advertising campaign. We have many years experience providing innovative and successful media strategies, delivering the results you want.


A traditional brochure presents your content in a linear fashion, telling a story from first page to last. A website presents the opportunity to tell the story differently, bringing it to life and giving your audience a chance to experience your brand or product in a compelling, interactive way. Whereas a brochure life can be limited, web content is fluid and can be regularly updated providing you with the opportunity to react to changes almost instantly.

We can help you bring your brochure content to life in a digital environment; you can use text, images, video and sound to really add a different dimension. We can offer your business various types of websites from microsites to single pages to multi-page sites.

We can help to ensure your brochure and website work seamlessly, each offering different things to your audience, yet still providing a consistent tone and feel.


Working with our digital media team, we can help support both your PPC and SEO. To see just how, visit our digital media team’s page. Brass Acquire.


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