Brass Agency


Strategic Branding is in our DNA.

Brands. We research them, create them, revive them, reinvent them and develop them. And always in a way that delivers your corporate vision or commercial goals.

How do we work? First we get to understand you, your objectives and your marketplace. Next we get inside the heads of your audience and study what influences their attitude and behaviour. Then we define exactly what makes you, your service or your product stand out from the competition.

Our brand development matches mindsets with expectations

It’s only once all these dots have been connected that we can formulate creative brand solutions that align your values and company vision with your audience’s mindsets and expectations.

We work with clients at any, or every, stage of the brand development process, whether that’s handling brand strategy, identity design or visual and verbal expression of a brand across all media channels, online and offline.

Just some of the things our Branding team can do for you:

  • Research and planning
  • Proposition development
  • Identity design
  • Visual and verbal expression of a brand across all media and channels, online and offline
  • Brand guidelines
  • Internal brand engagement

See how Brass can help your brand