Brass Agency


Use Online PR & Social Media marketing to become a valued member of your audience’s community

We’ve been at the forefront of online PR services since the discipline first began to emerge; and in that time we’ve developed a unique and highly effective approach to social media marketing.

So whether you want a social media marketing strategy to drive awareness and traffic to a website, manage your online reputation, change perceptions or generate a buzz around your products or campaigns – you need us.

Social media talks to the right people…

We make sure you’re talking to the people that are most important to you. Then by combining aspects of online planning, search, social media engagement, PR, creative content and influencer relations, we can make sure that they are talking about you too.

In the right place…

Do you know where your audience goes online? We offer a number of online PR services that make sure you’re in talking in the right places.

Anything from developing and managing your Twitter account, Facebook pages and blogs, to carrying out listening and relationship building programmes and all that’s in between.

In the right way.

Whatever online PR and social media marketing service we provide, we’ll continually track, measure and report, allowing us to adapt and change our approach to get the best results.

So big or small, private or public sector, we get under the skin of your audience and create an online PR campaign that really gets them talking.

Just some of the things our Online PR & Social Media team can do for you:

  • online marketing
  • Reputation management
  • Website awareness
  • Bespoke content and newsrooms
  • Blogger relations and social media campaigns
  • Content development & syndication
  • Natural search support
  • Product/service awareness & buzz
  • Rich media – widgets, infographics, video
  • Strategic consultancy & training
  • Link building
  • Social networking
  • ROI modelling & KPI reporting